Tips for Conducting Board Meetings

Tips for Conducting Board Meetings

During board meetings top-tier leaders gather to discuss and debate the strategic issues that face their organizations. These discussions have an impact on the direction of an company and can affect everything from investor confidence to public opinion. That’s why it’s essential for directors of boards to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their meetings. This article offers suggestions on how to conduct board meetings in a manner that encourages productive and engaging discussions.

Begin by welcoming board members and introducing them to one another, particularly when meeting participants are new to the group. This sets the stage for a productive board meeting, which helps establish an appropriate manner of conducting the boardroom, and encourages participation.

This is a way to show respect for the time of other directors and deters tardiness. This is particularly crucial when meetings are conducted via virtual means, where time management can be a problem.

Avoid wasting time with routine or trite items, such as committee reports and voting. Instead, limit these activities to 25 percent of the time and make the most of time to discuss strategy and other important issues.

It is important to communicate clearly the way in which decisions will be made during the meeting (consensus voting or another method). This will ensure that all board members know the processes for making decisions and are able to take part in meaningful discussions.

Obtain feedback from board members regarding their satisfaction with the manner in which your organization conducts board meetings. This can be done by informal discussions or by giving out surveys and polling tools. For instance, you could inquire about whether the board’s meeting structure and content allows for a lively discussions or ask them to evaluate the different aspects of a meeting using the basis of a numerical scale.

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