Safe Board Meetings - Organizing Effective Online Board Meetings

Safe Board Meetings – Organizing Effective Online Board Meetings

When schools are getting ready to hold their next meetings in person, it’s crucial for districts to create security plans to ensure the safety of all attendees as well as the effectiveness of the meeting. The worst thing you could have is an angry parent lashing out at school administrators or other members of the community interrupting the board’s meeting with a protest. This article explains how you can develop safety protocols that will safeguard board members, school staff, and students alike.

The process of organizing a board meeting is an time-consuming process. You must collect and compile input from the board members, determine an appropriate time and date that is convenient for everyone, reserve the location, and then create an agenda that maximizes efficiency and productivity. Thanks to the digital tools, it’s never been easier to organize safe and effective online meetings.

Boardable’s boardroom online makes easy to share documents, presentations, and records in a single click. Participants can view and discuss the materials, even if they don’t have internet access. Changes will be automatically synced when the participants return to the boardroom.

Keep your meetings on track by clearly defining the ultimate objective of every item on your agenda. This will help your board members stay on track, and will help you avoid the temptation to introduce random topics that could potentially consume valuable time during meetings. For instance, instead of pushing discussions on field trip approval or textbook purchases, shift those topics to the “parking lot” portion of the agenda to ensure they’re removed prior to getting to the more urgent discussions.

adminSafe Board Meetings – Organizing Effective Online Board Meetings