High Quality Medical Products

In our effort to raise the standards of our industry, TENSSource was not satisfied with just selecting the best available medical equipment. We knew if we were truly going to make a difference, we needed to develop some of our own medical equipment to address some elements we felt could be improved. The result is a line of revolutionary medical equipment that rivals any in the world. Select the product category in which you are interested from the links below. Thank you for your interest in TENSSource Medical Equipment.

Electrotherapy Devices

If you have patients that suffer from chronic pain, electrotherapy products can help break the pain cycle and aid in the normal healing process. Whether you are using electrotherapy for the treatment of back pain, sport injuries or general muscle pain, TENSSource offers a variety of TENS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Interferential, and Microcurrent units to choose from.

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Conductive Garments

TENSSource offers a selection of quality conductive garments designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of electromedical devices both in the home and the clinical setting. Conductive garments provide warmth and electrotherapy stimulation. They are designed to treat areas of the body that are difficult to reach with standard self-adhesive electrodes.

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Orthopedic Braces

In an effort to offer a variety of high quality products to members of our Provider Network, TENSSource is proud to introduce a selection of orthopedic bracing that will be available as part of our program. If you have questions about our orthopedic braces or would like to inquire about other types of products we can offer, please contact a TENSSource representative at 888-365-7861.

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Electrotherapy Supplies

TENSSource offers a complete line of accessories for all your electrotherapy needs including lead wires, electrodes, TENS wipes and batteries. Upon the prescription of a TENSSource Electrotherapy Device, we send an Electrotherapy Supply Kit with everything a patient should require based on the length of their prescription. If a patient should ever run out of any of their supplies, we will immediately replenish them upon request. Additional supplies can be ordered online in the Patient section of this website.

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