How it Works

No Cost. No Commitment. No Insurance Hassles.

After becoming a member of the TENSSource Provider Network, our simple 6-step process enables you to provide durable medical equipment to your patients and get paid for services rendered. We will verify the patient’s insurance, provide the equipment and supplies necessary for the prescribed treatment, and provide the patient with support. All you need to do is prescribe medically necessary treatment, educate, and monitor the patient.

Join Our Provider Network

The first step in working with TENSSource is to execute the Preferred Provider Agreement. When this has been received by TENSSource you will be contacted by a customer service representative to ensure you and your practice qualify for the program. Information such as your NPI number and license information will be obtained at that time. At the same time you will request those devices which you believe you are most likely to use in the reasonably foreseeable future and those will be shipped to your office to have on hand should your patient choose TENSSource to fill the prescription.

Prescribe a Device

As Preferred Providers go through their daily examination of patients and patient records it is likely that the Provider will come upon instances, particularly involving long-term pain management, when previous treatment, current diagnoses and future treatment goals suggests the most appropriate and medically necessary thing to do is send an electrotherapy unit or bracing device home with the patient for their long-term use. TENSSource has created an efficient form to assist you in determining whether prescribing a Class II medical device for your patient is medically necessary and appropriate. That form is also used to obtain the patient’s consent to the exchange of patient health information and to obtain an assignment of insurance coverage.

Verify Patient Insurance Coverage

The TENSSource¬†process actually allows you to submit patient insurance coverage information and verify that there be insurance coverage and that the patient may receive the device with little or no out-of-pocket expense before you forward the prescription. Whether you use the form TENSSource provides or photocopy the patient’s insurance coverage card, TENSSource will then do what’s necessary to obtain the maximum coverage available to the patient for whom you would like to prescribe the device

Educate & Monitor the Patient

You continue to have a key role in caring for the patient for it is at this point, the prescription having been issued, insurance coverage have been verified and the device being on hand in your office, that you can actually properly fit the device to the patient and explain and demonstrate to the patient its proper use. At that same appointment TENSSource asks all providers to schedule another appointment with the patient for within the next 30 days. The purpose of this patient appointment is to allow the physician to monitor the patient’s use and understanding of the device and ensure that it is having the palliative effects intended.

Provide Supplies & Support

TENSSource will now do the rest. The TENSSource representative will continue to provide patient support throughout the prescribed treatment: Following up with the patient, (usually within three days of their having received the device to ensure that they have been properly instructed on it) and to answer any questions they may have on 30 and 60 days intervals and being available to address patient concerns when needed. TENSSource‘s patient coordinators are carefully trained not to provide medical advice but to be on the lookout for issues that should be discussed with the prescribing physician during the course of the treatment. The TENSSource patient coordinator will strongly urge patients to return to their physician in instances where it is appropriate and for questions that only the physician-patient relationship should address. In this way TENSSource hopes to ensure that the patient provider relationship will be a satisfactory one throughout the treatment period. Finally, the TENSSource representative will also ensure that the patient has adequate supplies for the extended use of the device if that is what was prescribed.

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