Better Patient Care

As a National Organization providing durable medical equipment, services and supplies, TENSSource is very proud of the relationships we develop with the physicians in our Provider Network. The central premise of our provider program is to allow physicians to focus on their patients instead of the business elements of healthcare that may distract from what is most important – helping people. To find out more about TENSSource, how to join the Provider Network and the advantages that our Provider Network will give to you, you may click on the various links outlined below and obtain the information and indicated.

Why TENSSource?

TENSSource represents a new breed in durable medical equipment company. With plans to set new benchmarks for the industry, TENSSource has developed our company, processes, and methodology with a focus on quality patient care, fairness, and integrity. We offer the highest quality products and support to your patients to ensure that they have all that is needed to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. We work with patients and their insurers to ensure that the patient pays reasonable mid-market prices for the prescribed equipment and work with patients to limit or waive co-pays where possible. Lastly, we have a compliance officer and in-house general legal counsel on staff to make certain that our day to day business practices are in line with legal, ethical, and compliance standards.

The TENSSource Difference

Getting Started

The TENSSource process was developed to make DME billing as simple as possible for physicians. You can enjoy the same simplicity while getting started. Enrolling is as easy as selecting two electrotherapy units while filling out the enrollment form and, once enrolled, our 6-step streamlines the entire DME billing process while providing better support for your patient. Better patient care can lead to better treatment outcomes. Click below to find out more about our process and how to get started with TENSSource.


High Quality Medical Products

In our effort to raise the standards of our industry, TENSSource was not satisfied with just selecting the best available medical equipment. We knew that to truly make a difference, we needed to develop our own medical equipment to address elements that could be improved. The result is a line of revolutionary medical equipment that rivals any in the world. Select the product category in which you are interested from the links below. Thank you for your interest in TENSSource Medical Equipment.

Published Research

In this section, we list papers published in numerous medical journals concerning the use of or research upon the use of electrotherapy. They discuss its efficacy as a modality to be used in pain control for patients who suffer from either acute or chronic pain. Feel free to contact the publishers or authors to get a copy of the published article.