Physician Dispensing

Physicians and patients both benefit from Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing. Patients can get the medication they need quickly and conveniently right from the doctor’s office. Physicians gain a competitive advantage over other offices not offering this service. Our in-office service will undoubtedly become an invaluable practice asset, generating additional hassle-free revenue. TENSSource Pharmacy Solutions is here to assist in incorporating Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing into all types of medical practices.

Physician Dispensing Services

  • Obtaining Medications

    Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing begins with the convenience that comes from the availability of quality pharmaceuticals at your office. Practice offices will be supplied with the inventory (labeled and packaged in compliance with all up to date FDA & DEA regulations) necessary to implement the program.

  • Billing and Collections

    Utilizing the Full Spectrum Medical Consulting Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing Program provides peace of mind in that, a full suite of expert accounts receivable professional services is available thus, completely eliminating the time consuming hassles of billing and collections.

  • Inventory Consulting

    The Full Spectrum Medical Consulting Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing Program helps to ensure required inventory availability without incurring out-of-pocket costs.

  • Industry Updates

    Full Spectrum Medical Consulting helps medical practices stay abreast of current industry standards with regards to all local, state, and federal regulations. Our highly trained, knowledgeable advisors will keep all concerned practice personnel informed of the latest updates. Our courteous advisors are always available to help answer any questions with regards to program services and procedures.

  • Equipment and Supplies

    All equipment and supplies recommended/required to setup in-office Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing is provided at NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS. Supplies include:

    • Printer & Toner
    • Labels
    • ID Scanner
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Software
    • Storage Cabinets

  • Comprehensive Training

    Each medical practice office personnel will be thoroughly trained on all aspects the Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing Program procedures and services including administering pharmaceuticals, accessing reports, processing patient requests, and more.

  • Supplemental Income

    Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing allows the earning of significant additional monetary residuals–all the while, affording patients the convenience of in-office pharmaceutical dispensation.

Physician Dispensing Questions

Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing is a method of delivering pharmaceuticals to Workers’ Compensation patients in your office. This, benefits patients through the convenience of receiving their medications on site, while increasing medical practice revenue.

Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing is an efficient way to expedite the goal of getting the injured employee to MMI (maximum medical improvement) and back to work as soon as possible.

For patients, Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing means convenience. Patients will eliminate a trip to the pharmacy while receiving a one-stop treatment for Worker’s Compensation and auto accident claims.

TENSSource offers a multitude of Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing programs, designed for physicians and practices that specialize in treating Workers’ Compensation and auto accident cases.  While specialties vary, most encompass but are not limited to:

  • Orthopaedic
  • Anesthesiology-based Pain Management
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Neurosurgery & Neurology
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing will provide supplementary revenue to the practice on a monthly basis without affecting existing office work-flow procedures or personnel.

With years of experience managing Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing programs, including an unprecedented collection ratio of close to 97%, TENSSource is fully qualified to handle all aspects of billing requirements. All work is done in-house and is never outsourced to a third party.

All billing reports are fully qualified so the client will always be informed of the medication cost, amount billed to insurance carrier, adjustments, and the final reimbursement payment.

TENSSource provides all necessary hardware and software:

  • HIPPA-compliant *web-based software
  • Printer, toner, and labels
  • Bar code scanner
  • Storage cabinets
  • Pre-packaged Medication (To dispense medications, your office will need a computer with a browser and Internet connection.)

*Web-based medication dispensing software is user-friendly and tracks patient transactions, accepts bar code and ID scanning, places medication orders, maintains and updates inventory, and prints bottle labels.

After TENSSource receives the required forms, an on-site setup and short training session is scheduled at your convenience.  Typically, physicians can begin Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing the very same day.

No. All equipment and supplies needed to properly and efficiently dispense medication are furnished by, and remain the property of TENSSource. This includes (and may not be limited to) a printer, toner, labels, bar code scanner, software and storage cabinets.  Applicable costs for the ongoing use of these items are included in our management fee.

A drug re-packager company will repackage medication from larger quantities into smaller, ready-to-dispense allotments.  Depending on the billing practice utilized by the drug re-packager, invoice amounts for the same pharmaceutical can greatly vary.  Re-packagers have been known to adjust their invoices by one or more ways including:

  • Heavily Inflating AWPs (Average Wholesale Prices)
  • Billing higher than the state allowable fee schedule

Rest assured TENSSource will never conduct business with drug re-packagers who inflate their invoices.  Also, no effort is ever spared on our behalf to ensure that monthly billing tabulations are accurate and in strict compliance with all mandated state regulations.

It’s easy to integrate a Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing program into your practice.  Simply follow the steps below to enjoy greater benefits for you and your patients.

  1. Schedule an appointment with an TENSSource Senior Account Representative.
  2. Upon preliminary, mutual accord of both parties—moving forward from this point is simple. The following compliance regulation documents will be needed:
    • Signed Management Agreement
    • Copies of Physician ME and DEA Licenses
    • Copy of Dispensing Qualification (if required)
    • Signed Dispensing Registration Form (if required)
    • Copy of Physician’s NPI Numbers
    • Copy of Practice NPI Number
    • Signed W-9 Form
    • Initial Formulary/Order
  3. Schedule dates for installation, implementation, and training.

The TENSSource Point-of-Care Physician Dispensing program is designed to never interfere with the physician’s valuable time.

To learn more about medication dispensing, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Physicians Rx, re-packaging, or Rx Development, always feel free to contact us.

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