Allergy Testing

80% of the typical patient population suffers from airborne allergies. Knowledge is the key to safely treating an allergy. TENSSource Allergy Testing can enable you to identify and treat the allergy instead of just masking the patient’s symptoms.

With TENSSource Allergy Testing you can have a fully functional allergy testing lab in your office with NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS. Not only do you benefit by giving your patients relief from potentially debilitating allergic reactions, but you also gain a new set of services that could substantially increase practice revenue.

Take advantage of our expertise. Not only do we set you up with all of the necessary equipment to run your own fully compliant and operational allergy lab, we also train you and your staff on the latest procedures and therapies. Learn to treat the allergy instead of simply masking the symptoms. We will smoothly guide you through the entire process of setting up this successful new facet of your practice.

Allergy Testing Benefits

  • Provide relief to your patients by effectively treating seasonal and perennial allergies
  • Improve patient retention by testing and treating instead of referring them to a specialist
  • Create a new revenue stream capable of substantially increasing practice profitability
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other practices that do not offer allergy testing services
  • Expand your practice without capital investment or change in workload for your staff
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