Lab Testing

Lab testing aids in diagnostics and treatment. Identifying and treating an allergy can avoid troublesome and sometimes deadly reactions. DNA testing can help customize treatments to a patient’s unique genetic code to maximize effectiveness. TENSSource Physician Pharmacy Consulting can help you harness the power of lab testing to better serve your patients.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many patients you refer to specialists or send elsewhere for lab testing? Not only is it inconvenient for your patient but it also send the message that you cannot help them. With TENSSource Lab Testing you can. We can provide you with the equipment and knowledge to diagnose and treat allergies as well as use their genetic information to identify the best treatment for them. Stop sending your patients away. Perform the necessary lab testing right there in your office with no upfront capital investment.

Allergy Testing

80% of the typical patient population suffers from airborne allergies. Knowledge is the key to safely treating an allergy. Full Spectrum Allergy Testing can enable you to identify and treat the allergy instead of just masking the patient’s symptoms.


DNA Testing

The effectiveness of a medication can vary from patient to patient. DNA Testing enables you to customize treatments on a per patient basis to ensure maximum effectiveness. Full Spectrum Lab Testing can handle all of your DNA Testing.


Toxicology Testing

Clinical Toxicology is the measurement and interpretation of concentrations of drugs and other toxic substance in human biological fluids for the purpose of patient monitoring or care. Find out more about Full Spectrum Toxicology Testing.

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