Digital Board Governance Tools

Digital Board Governance Tools

A tool for board governance will simplify manual tasks, like collating meeting minutes and scheduling agendas and minutes. It will also allow directors to share documents, monitor task progress, and enable legally binding electronic signatures of board decisions. It will also help prepare boards for their next meeting by highlighting the issues that need to be addressed, and providing them with access to proposals and reports, as well as other relevant information.

A good digital board management tool will include features such as:

Boardbook’s portal for board members is an active, fully digital tool. It comes with a meeting scheduler that can optimize attendance. The Chair and CEO can agree on the date for distributing papers, and to hold meetings to report to the Board and to decide on an agenda. It also includes a document library, with the ability to store the history of meetings and other crucial documents in one place. It will also offer a variety of tools for communication including discussion forums and chat, 1:1 and group communication channels, as well as an annotation tool that allows users to highlight or add comments to any file uploaded to the board book.

Diligent is a cloud-based application that encapsulates all the elements of a meeting in software, including the collection and collation of materials, agendas minutes, agenda setting and the uploading of documents from board meetings into a workflow prior to an actual board meeting. Directors also have access to a private workspace in which they can discuss and upload documents. They can annotate files and upload personal notes and communicate in various ways, such as 1:1 discussions with group members or members. It employs strong browser security to ensure that your information is safe and adheres to strict security guidelines.

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