NMES for Decreased Swelling

Swelling can cause pain and loss of motion, which can limit the use of the muscles. Early intervention with NMES devices can increase circulation. Blood flow increases by bringing nutrient-rich blood to the injured area. This increases the range of motion to the injured area and decreases the amount of spasms experienced.

adminNMES for Decreased Swelling
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NMES for Chronic Injury/Post Surgical Pain

Get your muscle fibers working again as soon as possible; as indicated by your healthcare professional. After traumatic injury or surgery, it’s important your muscles regain strength and tone to allow for faster recovery. Neuromuscular Electrotherapy Stimulation (NMES) is a specific gentle and effective type of electrical stimulation whose benefits are two-fold: first, pain control and second, muscle stimulation, which cause muscle fibers to strengthen by contraction.

adminNMES for Chronic Injury/Post Surgical Pain
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TENS for Pain Control

Simply stated, pain is a “beneficial” adverse, sensory signal transmitted by your body’s nervous system in an attempt to alert your body to an injury or condition. The purpose of the pain stimulus is to prevent further insult to the injured area by causing restriction of motion; inflammation. This pain sensation may be perceived as chronic and debilitating in nature, ultimately, resulting in the inability to perform many of your essential daily activities. (i.e., work, sports/exercise and recreational)

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Electrotherapy Treatment Information

For decades, Electrotherapy has been used by Doctors to help manage pain, increase blood flow, decrease muscle spasms, improve range of motion, increase muscle tone, and reduce inflammation.

adminElectrotherapy Treatment Information
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