12 Best UX Tools & Software to Perfect the User Experience

Maze is an unmoderated testing tool with features like prototype testing, tree testing, surveys, card sorting, idea validation, copy testing, and more. With this tool, you can collect continuous insights from your users that you can translate into your design. They offer a free plan, which is just enough to get an idea of the product. Origami Studio is a free, advanced prototyping platform with native hardware APIs.

What do I need to become a UX designer?

To become a UX Designer, you will need to learn and develop a number of technical skills crucial to the role, including user research and strategy (which involves data collection), wireframing and prototyping, user interface design, and responsive web design, among others.

When using Zeplin, devs can see specs and various component states in one place. It’s also integrated with Storybook (frontend dev workshop for UI components). Jira is the go-to project management software for agile teams at SaaS companies.

The 12 best UX design tools to improve the user experience (and how to use them)

Design at scale with dynamic and reusable design systems – your centralized place with interactive UI components and documentation. Share it easily with your team and ensure consistency across the whole company. Mockplus can help you to build prototypes, 35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings share your vision, collect feedback and test your idea early on in an online collaborative way. On top of customizable UI interactions, transitions, and animations, you can also add realistic interactive components that behave exactly as expected.

Not just during the design process, but also during interviews you can use the tool to connect and collaborate with the interviewees during the whiteboarding sessions. Another great advantage is that if you use Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch, you can centralize your design work by adding artboards directly into Freehand. Drop comments directly on designs or prototypes to provide and recieve instant feedback, in context.

Stellar Design Thinking Tools for Winning Mobile Apps

Since Marvel is browser-based, it works across all devices, including Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple products. However some users do complain that the mobile app doesn’t offer as many options, and plugins make the app slow. is a popular prototyping tool that allows UX designers to create high-fidelity, interactive prototypes of their designs without coding.

Forget juggling multiple files, in Figma files are a link and are always in sync. To help you choose the right UX tool, here are some factors you should consider while shortlisting. Capture customer feedback to improve customer experience & grow conversions. Get the best UX insights and career advice direct to your inbox each month.

Our favorite UX design tool for team collaboration

It then generates the results that show a user’s path and navigation through the content, giving you valuable insights that you can use to edit and tweak the content organization. You can find someone with particular skills, experienced in your niche. In the case of a UX design agency, you’ll also need to devote some time to the research, since you need the one that understands your niche. By creating a diagram to order the screens or pages in a way that fits users’ needs. By giving users what they want timely and clearly, we increase the chance of a conversion. According to Forrester, companies who invest in UX, see a lower cost of customer acquisition, lower support cost, increased customer retention, and increased market share.

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