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Electrotherapy & Bracing Solutions

TENSSource is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company that distributes electrotherapy devices to patients for home medical use.

TENSSource is based in Tampa, Florida. Our focus is to distribute quality electroceutical technologies to physicians and patients throughout the United States and provide them with non-surgical and non-invasive options for the treatment of pain due to acute and chronic injury, as well as post-surgical pain. At TENSSource, we bring the latest non-surgical treatments from companies around the world to our patients and physicians. Our safe non-surgical treatments may help patients suffering from pain and may also help rehabilitate muscles after injury. It is hoped that by offering our technologies throughout the country physicians can improve the quality of care received by their patients.

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We Serve Patients

At TENSSource, our top priority is serving patients. We not only supply patients with the highest quality medical equipment, but we also provide world-class patient support. Our patient services department is dedicated to ensuring that your medical equipment is functioning as prescribed by your physician. Whether you require additional supplies or have technical questions regarding the use of your medical equipment, you can count on the TENSSource patient services team to be there for you every step of the way. If you are interested in finding out more about how TENSSource serves patients, click the button below.


We Serve Physicians

As a National Provider Organization, TENSSource is proud of the relationships we develop with the physicians in our Provider Network. Our main focus is to provide services that allow physicians to focus on their patients instead of elements of healthcare that may distract from what is most important – helping people. Physicians in our Provider Network know that they can depend on TENSSource to provide high quality medical equipment and supplies as well as provide the best possible support for their patients. To find out more about joining our Provider Network, click the button below.


High Quality Medical Products

In our effort to raise the standards of our industry, TENSSource was not satisfied with just selecting the best available medical equipment. We knew that to truly make a difference, we needed to develop our own medical equipment to address elements that could be improved. The result is a line of revolutionary medical equipment that rivals any in the world. Select the product category in which you are interested from the links below. Thank you for your interest in TENSSource Medical Equipment.

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